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Item # Description Price Each
US Dollars Only
C1001 Separator Package for Continentals, includes Separator, Clamp On Adapter, 36" Tubing, and (2) Breeze Clamps $290.00
L1001 Separator Package for Lycoming, includes Separator, Clamp On Adapter, 36" Tubing, and (2) Breeze Clamps (Specify Adapter Diameter) $290.00
C100 Oil Separator, Continental .63" Diameter Inlet & Outlet $255.00
L100 Oil Separator, Lycoming .75" Diameter Inlet & Outlet $255.00
633182 RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow, Continental 65-100 hp $190.00
C103 Continental Adapter, Self Sealing Clamp On $31.25
L103 Lycoming Adapter, Self Sealing Clamp On (Please specify 1.06" or 1.25" Diameter) $31.25
ST25 Silicone Tube (Drain Return Line) .25" Diameter (Per Foot) $3.75
BC Breeze Clamp for Return Tubing (2 Req'd) $1.75
100 Seal, Lid Viton O-Ring (Large) $1.75
101 Seal, Screw Viton O-Ring (Small) $1.50
102 Lid, Separator Expansion Chamber (Aluminum) $35.00
103 Screen, Coalescing $30.00
104 Cushion Clamp, Mounting 2.25" Diameter (Supplied w/Separator) $5.50

Please add $13.50 for handling & USPS mail shipping to all US addresses. Please email us for foreign handling, insurance, and shipping costs. Prices shown are US dollars only. We accept payments of money order, cashier's check, and PayPal. Email your order to us at, make your payment by PayPal, and we will confirm shipment date to your email address. We typically ship one day after payment is received. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Product Warranty

RMJ-AERO warrants for a period of one year, from the date of original purchase its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. RMJ-AERO's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the purchased product only, and under no circumstances shall RMJ-AERO be liable for any loss, damage, injury, cost of repair or consequential damages of any kind in connection with the sale, use, or repair of any product purchased from RMJ-AERO. Defective merchandise or out of box failure of product is repaired or replaced at RMJ-AERO's option. Merchandise must be returned complete in original packaging with complete documentation and proof of purchase. Under no circumstances will any any merchandise be accepted for return credit after installation and operation.

Waiver Of Liability And
Indemnification Agreement

Inasmuch as RMJ-AERO has no opportunity to supervise the installation or maintenance of the parts supplied by it, nor any opportunity to participate in the design or manufacture of the various homebuilt aircraft in which it's parts are utilized, the purchaser by placing this order and accepting said merchandise from RMJ-AERO agrees that all materials purchased will be used solely at the purchaser's risk and that purchaser will indemnify and hold RMJ-AERO, its owners and employees, free and harmless from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from claims brought by any reason of any alleged failure or defect of any part or parts supplied by RMJ-AERO.


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